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Top 20 Photos of 2010-2011 Thanks to that little thing called grad school and an aging DSLR that requires much more post-proces... 12/28/2011
Doing a little catch-up: Afghanistan 2009 If you've been watching the RSS feed you probably noticed a few hundred pictures pop up today. As y... 3/22/2011
Bikerpelli 2008 In the winter of '07 I spent a week riding in Utah with a whole crew of my good friends (see: 5/10/2008
Moab MTB Vacation 2007 Just when we all thought the winter would be dull and devoid of riding, Wendy got the crazy idea of ... 2/19/2007
RAGBRAI ... TransRockies It's been a month in coming, but the photos from my 3-week cycling adventure are finally finished. ... 9/10/2006
Jorge's (and Leo and Mervin's) Birthday BBQ It rained all week, then all the night before, and then all day the day of. In fact, it is STILL ra... 5/15/2006
South Africa I just spent March 20th-29th In South Africa with Emily and her friend Lara. It was my first time o... 4/8/2006
Lavinator 2006! Last weekend I spent four days in colorado with my friends Chris, Pat and Gabe. We skiied Vail, Cop... 3/5/2006
Rural Health Centers, Afghanistan Emily sent me over 100 images in November from her tour of MSH's field operations in rural Afghanist... 2/18/2006
Italy/Switzerland 2005 At (not so) long last I was able to get away on vacation again. This trip's destination included Ze... 1/4/2006
Ski Season Begins Thanks to a huge nor'easter that dumped an unprecedented three feet or more on large parts of northe... 10/30/2005
I LOVE vacation I just returned this week from three weeks of vacation with Emily in Maine. We visited Boothbay Har... 10/8/2005
Crane's Beach Went to Crane's Beach with Ashlin and her roomate Lisa on Saturday to celebrate the long weekend. I... 9/7/2005
Panjshir, Afghanistan I just received a new set of images from Emily. This set is from the village of Panjshir where she ... 9/4/2005
Bemis Mountains, ME New today is a group of images from my backpacking trip in Maine this past weekend. We travelled fr... 7/28/2005
Emily Strikes Again! It was my "distinct pleasure" to receive about 2GB of images from Emily last week. Fortunaely she w... 7/26/2005
Beautiful Vermont, and more... New images today from Shelburne Farms in VT. Shelburne Farms is a huge estate on the shores of Lake... 6/27/2005
The 20D is in! The site is all finished just in time for a new camera: As of 5/13/2005, I will be doing all of my ... 5/22/2005
The Archive Explained On this page you will find a portal to nearly every photo I have taken since August 2002. (So don't ... 5/18/2005
This is the Photo Page Welcome to the new photo page. On the left sidebar you can find galleries that I like or... 4/18/2005
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