2/19/2007 Moab MTB Vacation 2007

      Just when we all thought the winter would be dull and devoid of riding, Wendy got the crazy idea of renting a house in Moab in February and cramming as many mountain bikers into it as humanly possible. The result: Moab MTB Vacation 2007. At the peak, our house had 12 people, and our biggest ride 10. Wendy cooked up a storm and we rode it all off every single day from 2/7 to 2/11, hitting some of the most breathtaking (and most difficult) terrain Moab had to offer, managing to injure just about everyone just enough to make for some good photos. Some things I learned on this trip: 1. Get your butt behind your seat. 2. Cycling all day gives EVERYONE gas. 3. Bring earplugs when sharing a bed with Bror 2. Don't let four different people all take pictures with four different cameras, especially when the clocks aren't synchronized (250 photos later...) Take a look a the photos.