5/10/2008 Bikerpelli 2008

      In the winter of '07 I spent a week riding in Utah with a whole crew of my good friends (see: Moab 2007). This year Wendy's knee injury and general busyness put the kybosh on a repeat trip, but Amy K. came through in the clutch with a (lightly) supported ride of the Kokopelli trail, a 142 mile off-road route from Fruita (technically Loma), CO to Moab, UT. In the first week of may I made the trek out to the beautiful southwest with Amy, George (my race partner for the TransRockies Challenge), Janet and Amy's friend Cheryl for some positively sweet riding, taking just enough pictures along the way to neglect crashing and getting hurt. Notables from the trip: - Bring gas masks on all bike trips. Chemical weapon attacks are frequent and unavoidable. - Never underestimate old guys on 29ers - No matter how many times trip organizers tell you there will be mechanics, always be prepared to be your own (and everyone else's) wrench. - A 300' cliff is no reason for a guardrail - Always take the "optional" trail Photos here.